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Trunks and chests have gone from being a necessary travel item to an exquisite piece of furniture that can't help but stand out in a room. A wide range of trunks from the 1800s, 1900s and today are available for sale at very reasonable prices.

From Victorian era steamers to Jenny Lind trunks and the extremely collectible Oak Slat Trunks, there should be something that will cater for all tastes. Regardless of the style of your room or the colors you wish to match, there is a trunk or chest available that will fit right in. Not only that, valuable storage space will be obtained at the same time.

Choose a trunk category that appeals to you and browse through the items on offer.

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Wardrobe Trunks

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Old World Tuscan Trunks

Trunks and Chests Store caters primarily to the trunk collector with the majority of the trunks for sale coming from earlier centuries as authentic or restored pieces. However, occasionally a modern trunk or two will become available so keep checking back.

As well as being able to pick up beautifully preserved antique trunks made by some of the foremost trunk manufacturers of their time it is also possible to pick up trunks that are not quite so well preserved. These trunks may well prove to be hidden gems with plenty of restoration potential. As you browse through the range of trunks for sale keep in mind how they might look after they have had a little bit of work done to them.

Trunks and chests aren't solely related to the serious collector either with more playful types of chests available such as the large range of toy chests for sale. These chests may be simple plain wooden chests or they may be hand painted to add decorative appeal. The toy chests may be plastic which is a cheaper, more cost effective option or they may be more elaborate bench toy chests.

More trunk categories are being added every day. There will also be trunk hardware such as locks, hinges and bands available coming soon.

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