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Before we take a look at the various kinds of bombe chests that are available for sale here at Trunks And Chests it would be worthwhile to pause for a moment and explain what a bombe chest is and its origins. Bombe Chests originated during the French Regency period when the strict classical furniture shapes were replaced with more experimental styles.

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The bombe chest was the piece that typified this period with its round body that represented the utmost in elegance in its lines. The roundness of the bombe chest not only takes place in the front of the chest but also at the sides creating a piece that is particularly distinctive in its shape. It is a chest that is also highly sought after, particularly for the decorative embellishments that can usually be found to a varying degree of intricacy.

The description of a bombe chest does not do justice to the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into such a piece. The grain and pattern of the wood is invariably superb and the lacquered finish brings out every spectacular facet. Where other chests can look plain and angular the sweeping curves of the bombe chest highlights just how special a piece of furniture can be.

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You may find that some people refer to certain types of bombe chests as serpentine chests, referring to the sweeping curves of the front and sides.

Another very popular type of bombe chest is the marble top bombe chest. The swirling or light flecked stone simply combines well with the curved and ornately decorated exterior. Choosing a marble top bombe chest will ensure that your new piece of furniture will stand out in any room.

A particularly striking use for a bombe chest is to use it as a nightstand. The lines of the bombe would work extremely well with the curves of the bed creating a flowing piece of furniture that would complement the room nicely. Try to be imaginative with the uses of bombe furniture, it's the kind of style that is going to stand out no matter what type of room it is placed in but when paired with equally as impressive furniture the bombe chest is going to assist in creating a strong sense of expensive taste.

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You don’t have to go searching purely for antique bombe chests, many of which will cost you a fortune due to their age. Instead there are quite a few furniture manufacturers who are making quality contemporary bombe chests that will cost you a fraction of what you would otherwise have to pay. It won’t necessarily be a cheap bombe chest that you will be buying but it will certainly be less expensive than it could otherwise have cost.

There is quite a large range of bombe chests for sale here at Trunks and Chests.

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