Old World Tuscan Trunks

The Old World Tuscan style trunks can be classed as simple yet elegant pieces of furniture that have been crafted using details sourced from eras past such as wrought iron and rich wood tones. The craftsmanship involved when creating these trunks follow a theme of being particularly solid and durable.

Look for trunks featuring metal bands as accents or solid stud nails that stand out and give the impression that the trunk is capable of withstanding many years of solid use. The trunks are generally dark in color with rich tones of fine grained wood.

A Tuscan wood trunk is very likely going to be able to be matched with other examples of furniture such as coffee tables, end tables and entry benches. The use of metal accents works wonderfully well with surrounding furniture that also blends a nice mix of wood and metal.

Browse through the selection of very attractive Old World Tuscan trunks available for sale below. Within the general style is a vast range of different interpretations that will suit a broad range of tastes.

Old World Tuscan Decortaive Mirrored Trunk Box Antique Silver Trim Hinged Lid
Old World Tuscan Decortaive Mirrored Trunk Box Antique Silver Trim Hinged Lid
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As well as being made as single pieces there are many instances where Tuscan trunks are created as part of a complete set of variously sized trunks. Each of these trunks will be identical in design but will be slightly smaller in size to the next.

Although the Old World Tuscan style is very much an antique style that will look at home surrounded by other vintage furniture pieces the style is also very capably replicated to take on the old style appearance. This means that it is possible to buy Old World Tuscan trunks at very reasonable prices.

Other decorative styles of trunks that are also available and should provide interesting viewing include Gothic Trunks, Victorian Trunks, Storage Trunks, Roos Cedar Chests and French Trunks.

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