Phat Tommy Storage Trunks

There are a number of more modern day companies that are responsible for decorative storage trunks that recreate some of the antique steamer trunk styles. The range of Phat Tommy storage trunks provides an impressive range of low cost decorative storage trunks featuring exteriors of faux leather, leopard skin and wood.

These trunks can be used to provide a storage trunk in the home that looks for all the world as though it is from another era. The Victorian style steamer trunks in the Phat Tommy range are particularly impressive and this is made even more impressive by the prices that they are available in.

Brose through the range of Phat Tommy storage trunks for sale below and choose a decorative storage unit that will provide you with a low-cost storage unit. There is more information about each of the Phat Tommy trunks displayed below, simply click on the trunk that appeals to you and you will be able to get more information.

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They may be used as hope chests or vital storage boxes but the Phat Tommy storage trunks also provide a decorative quality that adds atmosphere to the room. There is nothing boring about these boxes with some amazing decorative finishes applied to them.

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