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Blanket Chests

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

It is not mandatory to put a blanket chest in the bedroom but it certainly provides a decorative feature that allows you a lot of storage space for out of season blankets and extra linen. As one of the most versatile multi-functional items in the bedroom there are many reasons for including a blanket chest in a prime spot in the room.

Not only is it a valuable storage piece that looks good, it is a handy place to sit while dressing or when tying shoelaces and the like. These boxes are sturdy items that will withstand heavy use, not that they tend to get a great deal of use on a daily basis.

Blanket chests are available in all kinds of finishes from the traditional oak blanket chest to the cedar chest that many people might know better as hope chests. More striking versions are available in a cherry exterior or there is the old favourite, the pine chest. What you find in a lot of cases is that although the exterior of the chest may be oak, the interior has been made from cedar as a way of protecting the clothes or linen that is stored inside from pests.

One of our most popular types of blanket boxes are the cherry blanket chests and they can be found by clicking through to the page below.

As mentioned above, blanket chests are also better known as hope chests and they are bought for younger children as a way of allowing them to store items that will be needed as they grow older. Traditionally the hope chest contained all of the items a little girl might need once she gets married and moves out of home.

As with all other kinds of trunks and chests that are widely available for sale, you can also find a wide range of antique blanket chests in just about every antique store in the country. For those who cannot locate an authentic antique blanket chest they are also manufactured to look as though they are older. Make sure you check the craftsmanship to confirm that the chest has been constructed properly with solid joins and attention to detail that will reassure you that the chest will last for many years.

When looking at rustic blanket chests for that old style country feel you may want to visit the various types of authentic manufactured styles such as Amish blanket chests and shaker blanket chests. The traditional Mission blanket chest is another style that you might want to look for when you are visiting the various quality antique stores.

For an interesting finish you may go for something a little more decorative. It is not uncommon to find hand painted hope blanket chests with floral designs on the front. This may be a little too much for your taste and you would rather look for a carved blanket chest. A great alternative is to take a plain blanket chest in any wood such as oak or walnut or cherry and have a personal design carved into it for you. If you choose a talented carver you will end up with a meaningfully designed chest that has been customized to your specifications and could now be classed as a piece of art.

Something to look out for when visiting antique stores are carved blanket chests depicting scenes or meaningful designs. Learning more about these chests before you buy them will help you work out what type might be a bargain and which ones you should steer clear of.

The blanket chest is a collectible item that looks appealing and, depending on the history behind it, is often widely sought after.

No matter whether the blanket chest you are looking for is in a raw state, is upholstered or has been given the most burnished shine they all remain extremely useful pieces of furniture. They belong in all homes both for their visual appeal and the storage space they provide. They rival in popularity trunks such as steamer trunks.

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