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Steamer Trunks

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

The steamer trunk is used to explain the look of a flat topped trunk and is the general name given by most people, regardless of whether they are authentic steamers or not.

There is quite an extensive list of steamer trunks for sale here at Trunks and Chests, many of them come from the Victorian era, although other eras are covered too. Whether you are after an original steamer or one that has been restored, the craftsmanship that is on display is impressive to say the least. Simply follow the link supplied to take you to the Steamer Trunks For Sale page.


These days steamer trunks are popularly used as blanket boxes and with a careful restoration job, the wood can be brought back to its original glory for a fashionable storage option.

Buy a Jenny Lind or Louis Vuitton steamer trunk and you are buying a piece of history that will undoubtedly become a talking point in your house.

Steamer trunks first began appearing in the 1870s and were referred to as flat-top trunks, and while the type of steamer we may imagine has a flat top, steamers were also manufactured with slightly domed or rounded tops too.


They were popular with shipping and transport companies because they were easily stacked and stored in the luggage holds and compartments in ships and trains. Another name that was given to steamers was packers due to this stackability. They were slightly shorter than the standard sized flat top trunks that were manufactured earlier in the century so they could fit easily under seats and berths on ships.

Steamer trunks these days make stunning features in bedrooms as footlockers or in lounge rooms used as centerpiece coffee tables. Their dual role of decorative pieces and valuable storage containers make them much sought after furniture items.


Some of the more highly renowned steamer trunk manufacturers from the 1800s and early 1900s include Jenny Lind, Louis Vuitton, Haskard Brothers, Oshkosh, Seward Trunks, H.W. Rountree and Bros., and Goyard just to name a very few.

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Steamer trunks are only a small part of the range of Trunks and Chests available here.

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