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Choose A Storage Trunk

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

The trunk has made a solid comeback as a furniture piece that is becoming increasingly sought after. It is one of those versatile pieces of furniture that provides you with a dual benefit in that it is stylish looking as well as functional in a number of different ways.

Turning a steamer trunk into a trunk coffee table is a simple matter. In fact, it is so simple all that is required is placing the trunk in the lounge room in front of the sofa. By putting the trunk in such a position you are basically proclaiming it a coffee table and no one will argue with you.

When it comes to using trunks for storage we are somewhat spoiled for choice with many a storage trunk, both old and new, making themselves available in a range of different sizes to suit whatever needs to be housed.

The usual type of trunk that most of us might think of is a wooden trunk with the cedar trunk providing the greatest protection from insect damage. When you store clothes and other fabrics in trunks you are potentially going to be storing them for long periods of time so you will want to be confident that the contents are going to come out in the same quality that they went in.

Large Storage Trunks

Storage trunks have been used for many years in the bedroom as a valuable place to store Manchester items such as sheets, blankets and pillows. These trunks may span the width of the bed or at least a good proportion of the width. It is common to find these trunks as raw wood design, giving you the opportunity to stain and lacquer them to your own requirements.

Large storage trunks such as blanket chests have been in use not only as valuable storage containers that house blankets and linen out of season, but they have also been used to collect valuables for later use. In these cases they are known as hope chests and were bought for young girls to store away items that they would need when they were married and moved out of home. This is a tradition that is still practiced today in some cultures.

Large storage trunks may have orignally been used as the primary luggage item for long distance travel. These trunks invariably contained entire wardrobes and were used over a period of months while on long voyages or overland travel. They are heavy containers that are more commonly seen today tucked in a corner filled with all kinds of valuables.

Wooden Storage Trunks

The most common materials used for storage trunks have traditionally been wood, although other materials such as metal and leather have also been used as an exterior. Wood such as oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany and pine have all provided the exterior shell of these trunks although the interior is usually lined with cedar. Cedar lined trunks are the norm as a protection against unwanted pests such as moths and other insects that will feed off the linen contained within otherwise.

Wood has long been recognised as a material that not only provides a reliable and durable exterior for boxes and trunks but it is also light enough to allow the trunks to be picked up and carried if required. For this reason many chests and trunks are still created using it.

Metal Storage Trunks

Another popular material has been metal and metal storage trunk also provide a strong protective coating. Not quite as commonly seen as wood trunks, metal such as aluminum and steel means that the contents are going to be well protected.

Metal storage trunks are making their way into the modern furniture scene at a higher frequency than in the past. It is a material that can easily be colored to provide more of a decorative feature. A decorative metal trunk will give extremely good protection from the usual knocks that come with transporting items from place to place.

Trunk Travel

There may be a palce for storage trunks in travel again due to the amount of storage they can actually hold and also due to the compact nature in which the contents can be held. Many people would much rather taking a single item of luggage rather than a series of 3 or 4 bags.

There are many different types of valuable storage trunks available here on display at trunks and chests. Follow the links to see how you can buy a steamer trunk, a cedar hope chest, wardrobe trunks and even wicker trunks.

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