Trunk Locks

With the popularity of steamer trunks growing steadily as travelling luggage in the late 1800s there was a necessity for the manufacture of trunk locks. A few of the trunk manufacturers made their own locks for their trunks but the smaller companies bought them from lock manufacturers.

The big lock manufacturing names of the time included Corbin Cabinet and Lock Company, Yale & Towne Lock Company, Taylor Trunk Company, Excelsior Lock Company, Long Lock Company.

The locks from each of these companies can be found on some of the finest old trunks and these locks can still be found today. To perform a successful truck restoration it may be necessary to have an understanding of the brand and type of lock that was used on each type of trunk. The locks were one of the ways in which the brand of trunk and its age were able to be identified.

Here is a selection of trunk lock hardware available for sale.

As well as finding the appropriate trunk lock for an antique trunk, it’s just as important to find the key. Keys made for these old-style locks are quite complicated devices. The locks that were most commonly used were designed to be unlocked with either barrel keys, flat keys or corrugated keys.

Trunks locks are mounted one of two ways: surface mounted or hole mounted. Surface mounted locks are attached to the flat surface of the trunk while hole mounted trunk locks fits into a drilled hole and contains a round protrusion containing the locking mechanism.

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